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Wow something new, I wrote recently an essay about linux reversing,
look in essays, nothing else new on the site.

This site is old, I havent updated it for a long, long time, but I will do soon.
The site has been put down by my web hosting providers
And for WHAT?....whatever.....

This site was recently put up by me to be a place
for knowledge seekers to find what they are looking for and to give
away what they already have found.The site is fairly small for now
but it will grow with your help.For now it consits of some essays and
some usefull tools,but no warez here and links to sites which I consider
to be at least to say usefull.Any Help, Comments, Questions are more
than welcomed.For faster viewing of the page, disable Auto Load
Images in your browser and view it 800x600 or use Lynx as this site
is somewhat Lynx friendly.

Disclaimer: This site is provided "as is" for the sake of knowledge. 
I can not be held liable for any consequences incurred from using it.

[ You can Help me ] - If you are a programmer in the
area of artificial intelligance(neuron networks) please contact me.

I am working on the politics/economy section of the site,
drop me line if you have something to say.
[ Bulgarian H/C/P/A Scene ]
inspired by the "Anti-BTC idea" - >
Phreedom magazine
Fravia's Pages Of Reverse Engineering
Iczelion's Win32 Assembly Home Page
The Sandman
Gthorne+ The Technomaster
YOU have found mammon_
L0pht Heavy Industries
Exploit World
Linux Documentation Project
Phrack Magazine
:: Packet Storm ::
The Web Design Resource
Tutorials & Articles @ The Bits
+HCU Linux Page

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